Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Night before this day, I'm already excited. I never try to nap or just to lay down my bed, because I don't want to sleep. What's my purpose? I want to greet my husband as early as 12:00midnight at the day of 31. I always do this every special day, our monthsary.

I greet him through text, saying sweet words that he always want to hear, my sweet I LOVE YOU HUBBY! I'm totally IN LOVE with him. All I need is his for the rest of my life! And I'm not regretting giving my everything for him.

..and btw, thanks to those who GREETED me, my bestfriends, friends, his classmates. I appreciated your greetings, thanks for remembering our special day.

Also for those who liked and comment on my wall post in Facebook.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

his now a BIG GUY.

Well, I never thought my brother would cry just for a girl. I was doing something when he called me and cry hardly over my arms. He told me that their quarreling.

I can't do anything, I can just comfort him. I told him that don't give up on things you know that's important. Its just a test for the both of you. God only wants to prove in your selves if you really deserve each other.

He became an angel when he met her girlfriend. Everything change because of that girl, and I already met his girlfriend. She's beautiful, sweet and charming.

I wish them a good relationship


OUCH! I read some messages that really irritates my eye. I never thought it was really her, sending those stupid messages. TOO MUCH FLIRTING! I pity her calling my man as her "HUSBAND". Yes, I know, that message was a long long long ago. But, she don't know how to value a person who really love's her. And what does she said to me? I was the one flirting his boyfriend. SHITTY! Your wrong, your boyfriend was the first who FLIRT, and not me. I don't make stupid acts such yours. I hate you for being a FEELER!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I was too busy. Yesterday was the Graduation of my brother, Kevin. Today was his graduation party. And I am so tired, we don't have water here. I was not able to bath! What the! >< issh. I hate it!I also forgot to blog our outing last week, so much busy! >< grr. TT

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Its been a long time since I visited my blog, I was too busy this past few weeks because of the final examinations, sadly I was not able to open my blog. I was banned for 3days in using the internet. NO INTERNET, NO CELLPHONE, NO VISITING.

And now I'm back on blogging! :)
I miss my blog so much.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today was his GRADUATION DAY. Unfortunately, I was not able to come to attend his graduation ceremony. Its because today is also my practical exam, and I can't make my body half just to attend at the same time.

5pm --

I was at the school when he texted me and say "wifey, please go here immediately. I'll wait". I was shocked, he told me that we will eat with his mother and big sister, I was so shocked, its my first time to dine in with them as a family. I was so flattered because his mother likes me, YEAH! it was the most special day I ever had.

So happy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

something special.

I don't even know what's with the day today. My husband called me up, and said "wifey, can we go out?" and I said "yes hubby." so, I get up in the bed, and go to shower. Its takes me 30mins just to shampoo my hair. haha.

NO CHOICE for my dress, so I try to mix some colors. I used green open back blouse, violet skinny pants and pink flip flops. No accessories, for simplicity. but it looks *SEXXY!

So we went to the mall and watch a movie. After spending our time their, I get hungry, and I want to eat rice. So we go to jollibee. He ordered up 2 chicken, double rice each of us, 2 large size of soft-drinks, 2 burgers. 1 sundae and a large french fries only for me.

my tummy is very full! But its okay. I'm still sexy. haha. Just JOKING! it was already 5pm, so we decided to go home.

i this day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010



classmates with Ma'am Romaine

inside the Function Hall

our TICKET. :D

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A day before the function, we already iron the table top, table napkins. I iron 85 table napkins, and 15 table tops. WHOA! It was so tiring, after that we arranged the FUNCTION HALL so that it would be more easy for tomorrow.

Yesterday was our FIRST FUNCTION as an HRM student. I didn't expect that the course I chose was a course that is tiring. I was assigned in the STEWARD section. My job was to clean all the utensils needed in the function and ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen.

This is the day! I wake up early as 4:30am to ready all the things I need, like my Chef's Uniform. I must be early as 6am, but I came to school at 7am, >< walang jeep!

When I enter the kitchen, me and my co-stewards immediately wash the 85 glasses, spoons, forks, plates, and the like. We quickly washes all them with tap water, we must ensure that all the station are clean, we didn't rest for the whole day. The function almost start for an hour.

So, this is it. We already have a guest, after busting out, we quickly wash the sold dishes, then the guest continuously enter the hall, and we continuously wash all the plates, glasses, and the like. We didnt rest for 6hours washing and washing, isnt it tiring? GOSH! But I love what I did, because I chose that course and NO REGRETS at all! I enjoyed so much, even I'm so tired. We rest for an hour, then we start to remove the table cloth, table napkins from the hall, we arranged the chairs and tables. And after that, we already wash all the table napkins and dried them all. And the function is already done! WHOA!

I'll add pictures soon. :)