Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Tomorrow June 30, 2010 would be the inauguration of our new elected President of the Philippine Republic. And in the said day would be a HOLIDAY. Unfortunately, our professor in HRM103 would not considerate us for tomorrow's celebration, tomorrow we will have a Seminar, or Demonstration about how to make a Classical Menu. And for us, its too UNFAIR. Other departments in our school has no classes for tomorrow. But its okay, I'll spend my whole day tomorrow in school instead of watching the inauguration of my favorite candidate.


Last Sunday I was not able to attend our mass, its because I went to a debut. And its the debut my aunt's daughter. And because my mom and my aunt are close friends, we have no choice but to attend. The debut was held on the beach. And obviously I love swimming but I'm not good at this sport. And now, my face and arms are totally burn. I SO HATE IT! I wish that my true color would back immediately

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Saturday, June 26, 2010


It was two,
then I chose you,
whom I love,
who loves me too.

It was life
when I'm with you.
It was love for me and you.

It was love,
with inspiration.
Now it was full of doubts,
and discrimination.

The day has come
with broken plans.
Then suddenly the pain begun.

I woke up with tears,
realizing with fears.
Isn't it just a dream,
or is it for REAL?

SOURCE: Tejido


Friday, June 25, 2010


I have finally decided. Please re-link me guys. Much love from me.



Thursday, June 24, 2010


LOL. I'm starting to love math now. HAHA. Can't imagine that I got a higher score for last Tuesday's activity and quiz. I was totally laughing hard that I'm really the one making my own assignments with some help of my friends, and not depending on someone to copy with. Still can't overcome. My friends was laughing at me because of my acts, you know? THEY LAUGHING AT YOU BECAUSE OF THE WAY YOU LAUGH?! haha. WEIRD uh? Yeah. Its me. DEAL with it. *mababaw lang happiness ko. Anu ba? HAHA*


After of my class in MATH 103, I hurriedly went to town to get the item i bought on an online shoppe, and as I was walking I saw Ms. Mei and syempre, I called her, and say Hi to her. :] and after that, umuwi na ako. HAHA.

Till here na muna. TakeCare fellas~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ei. I'm confused. Should I change my Blog URL or not? My enemy is starting to make war again with me, and again she's using my name, pictures and URL's. In my other sites, I already changed it, I'm thinking of changing my Blog URL as well. And all my URL's started as czb31. What do you think? I wanted to change it right away so that she wouldn't see my blog again. Just to be secure. Need your help please.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day.

NOTE! mag-TATAGALOG ako ngayon. Nakakapagod mag English.

2nd Lieutenant Elvin A. Mendez PA ( A Father that I am Proud of! )
May he rest in peace and be with our loving God.

5years before.

10months walang sahod ang Tatay ko, 10months din kaming hindi nagkita. 10months kaming nahirapan, 10months kaming walang makain. Sa 10months na ito, natuto kaming mag hanap ng paraan para lang makakain at makapasok ng eskwelahan. Nahirapan ng husto ang Mama ko para lang makahanap ng paraan upang makakain kami, napilitan kaming pumasok sa public school at maglakad pauwi. Sa edad kong 11y/o natuto akong mag hanap ng paraan upang makatulong kami sa Mama namin, kaming magkakapatid, nagtulungan para lang makahanap ng mga bote, plastic, bakal at kung anu-ano pa para maibenta lang at magkaron ng pera pang bili ng makakain namin. Ganon kahirap ang buhay nang wala ang Tatay namin samin.

November 10, 2005. Nakauwi na samin ang Tatay namin at nagkaron narin kami ng pera.
November 13, 2005. Binilhan nya ako ng gift na gusto ko, ang pinakauna kong cell phone na nasa akin parin ngayon.

November 15, 2005. Kinailangan nyang bumalik ng trabaho, ang araw ding ito ay ang araw ng kanyang kamatayan. Tanghaling tapat ng inambush ang Tatay ko ng mga armadong tao.

Ang araw ding ito mismo ay ipinangako nyang magbabago na sya at di nya na sasaktan ang damdamin ng nanay ko, ipinagbilin nyang alagaan ko ang pamilya namin, babantayan ko ang nanay ko at alagaan ang mga kapatid ko. Marami syang iniwang mga pangako samin na dapat sana'y magagawa nya na. Kaso namatay sya, kinuha na ni God ang buhay nya. Alam kong may rason sya kung bakit nya ginawa yun.


Tanghali ng kumakain kami sa isang fast food chain.

TATAY : Nak, ingatan mo mga kapatid mo, tulungan mo mama mo ha. Wag mo syang bigyan ng sama ng loob.
AKO : Opo Tay, ingat ka dyan.
TATAY : Ok, ibigay mo na kay mama.
MAMA : Oh ano man?
TATAY : Pangako ko mag-babago na ako. Mag ingat kayo parati. Ang mga bata ha!
MAMA : Oo, mag ingat ka din dyan.

TATAY : tooooooooooooot. ( Biglang na-off ang cellphone )

Eto na pala ang sign na mamamatay na ang Tatay ko. :(
Mahalin nyo Tatay nyo hanngang nabubuhay pa sya. Bago kayo mag-sisi.




Saturday, June 19, 2010


Its weekend, and everybody loves it! HHA! Its a day for a rest, even if its one day though. Don't you feel like 1week in school is like a whole year? HHA! Truly! I feel like that, and I think 8months in going to school is like 10years attending your class everyday. Anyways, I always come late in going to school, I feel like so tardy. I don't want to attend my class, but I don't have any choice, its my responsibility, I must focus on my studies, if I failed in any of my subject, definitely I will lose my scholarship, its the one who pays my tuition fees every semester until I graduate. Gonna be so serious! I wanna help my family and to be successful just like others. Daaah~ I'm so emotional. HAHA. Whatever! I just love my family, even though I'm a bad daughter to my mom. I always make her cry, but even if I'm like this, I have a plans for her, I want to pay all the things she given to me but I know its not enough to pay all of those because all her life she was with us, taking care of us. Even if I don't have a father anymore. Hmm. I'll gonna blog those things next time~ Its a long long long story by the way. I LOVE MY DAD! May my father be with our loving God. Amen.

Another happenings happened this day was we don't have teacher for our subject, I just waste my money and time going to school and passed my novel homework, YEAH! Like novel homework, what a teacher! She gave us a homework that is so so so long, and what was I supposed to expect was NOTHING! No teacher for 2meetings already. We just spent our time for nothing! And were behind in the other class, because they already start their discussions.

Ohkaaaaaay! I was with him again. Ü We eat our lunch here in the house with my family. So sweeeeeeeeeeet!~ He bought a roasted chicken for our viand. We eat together, were like a sweet married couple, you know like "subo-subuan kung kumain". HAHA. I just love the way he is~ Oh! And by the way, we watch some videos about love stories. KILIG!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

its all about PASTRY ARTS.

Okay, its obvious from my title, this blog post would cover about PASTRY ARTS. Since my course is Hotel and Restaurant Management, Pastry Arts is one of the parts or branch of my course, today my teacher in my major subject discuss about Pastry Arts. In my past blog, I have a post about functions. To those who had no idea what is function in kitchen terminology, it is the actual service you give to a customer, we set a dining, the ambiance, we sell tickets, and we serve guest, its like an actual restaurant. Their are waitress, bar tender, chefs, and so on. And we will have three(3) functions for this semester, fortunately we had the best slot. In our group, we will serve 110pax, with a modern motif. Back to the topic, my teacher showed as two movies that are connected to Pastry Arts, about French Service and chocolates. Do you know the movie entitled Babette? Babette is a famous chef in France, and for your information this chef is a Lady, to shorten up this, in the movie we watched, she showed how French Service is, totally its so amazing, and so awesome! Like, WOOOOOOOOOW! That's what you call Classical Menu! Our teacher wanted us to have a French Service, she wanted us not to be ignorant. Yeah, right! Moving on, another movie was entitled Chocolat. Its all about chocolates. Yummy! We feel all hungry when we watched the movie all day long. HAHA.

If your interested to know more about Babette, CLiCK ME!


As I went home, me and my boyfriend decided to go home together. And I didn't know that I would be joining his Mom, and Sister. He didn't tell me. HAHA. I was like, "nahihiya ako". Something like that, haha. But before we go home, we entered a fast food, and eat for meryenda. And after that, we went home na. Tadaa! I'm so blessed to have my boyfriend now because his family accepted me.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


And yes, its REGULAR CLASSES already. Summer days are totally OVER. I hate it so much, because we started our class earlier than the other school. But its okay, I'm also excited that I am now a 2nd year College student, 2years more and I'll be graduating already, time is too fast right?! In my new section, I met new friends, like Vemie, and Lorraine. And I'm also excited to meet my former classmates, I wished before that our dean would not reshuffle us so that we can be still classmates in the next first semester. But sadly, my wish was not granted. Its a part of the course I choose. Hospitality Management. And its all about hospitality, from the word it self I don't need to explain it anymore.

My schedule is fully loaded every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday and Friday are my vacant days, so expect me to be online on Monday and Friday.

Further more, its obvious that classes are already started, and surely I'll be busy. But guys, don't you worry. I would still update you like tagging you, and leaving some comments on your post just to keep in touch with you. That's how important you are to me. Ü



Sunday, June 13, 2010


A 16-Year Old Filipino, Batangueño teen named Jovit Baldivino is Conquering YouTube and Facebook.

For only a week after his amazing rendition of the song "Faithfully" by Arnel Pineda of Journey was uploaded by his fans on Youtube, the video has already gathered 1,200,000+ hit and still counting. He also hit Facebook, a lot of Filipinos likes him.

I believe what struck the hearts of his fans is his humility. He said that if he doesn’t win, at least he was able to show the world what talents Filipinos possess. Very admirable, he is so humble. Ü It was pure awesome.

And I proudly say, he is the FIRST Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Champion! Whoa! I'm so proud of you!


Friday, June 11, 2010


Its the second most ridiculous nightmare I had. Because of watching Wrong Turn and Dragon Ball ( I still watch this until now. ) In my dream, CELL of dragon ball was the one who kills and eat people here in our society. I am really afraid, and I don't know what to do. I feel like I was really in my dream. Until I wake up, thinking that was true.


So happy that Tricia is now EVICTED from the PBB House.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Finally! I'm done! Done in updating my blog. HAHA. I'm so happy. Ü What do you think? Is my blog okay? Hmm. I want my blog this way because its simple, and elegant in my eyes. Thanks to PinkDoodles for this layout. And also, I made some editing on your codes, and I'm sorry if I didn't wish for your permission. But I still credit you for this. Your so good! And I salute you.

Moving on, again! And FINALLY! I have my own FIRST SHOULDER BAG. HAHA. Its my first time to use a shoulder bag in my whole life, as in! At the age of 16, I started to be in fashion. I feel like I'm a real lady now because I also use shoulder bag like others too. *claps* I just can't control my feeling, I'm over reacting just because of a bag. LOL! *kiddo!*


I'll be offline by 9pm tonight. And I'll spent my time now to upload my new photos on Facebook, because I'm already done in my first task, I'll do my second task now.

I'm also problematic about my Journal Notebook, I'll do it now after I eat. I need to beautify my Journal Notebook for tomorrow's activity. For our Religion Study.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

First Day of School.

So yea, its my first day on school. And I hate it! We were the first school here who starts the classes at early time, like the other schools, they will start their classes next week. But its also good to start the class early so that we could end up the year earlier too. I was so excited to meet my new classmates and also to see again my old friends and old classmates. My class for today was only about ONE HOUR. Naiinis ako, kasi KALAS sa fare. But its okay, because my teacher for English 101 was my teacher before in Religious Study, I just love my teacher the way she teach. And she is my favorite teacher. She's so kind and thoughtful.

That's all for today, I'll be updating my blog again now. So, if you want to talk with me, just tag me. I'll be online for about 2hrs.


Sunday, June 6, 2010


Your passing by a construction site. :D whoa! I'm still fixing my blogger site. I really spend my time too much here just to update my blogspot. I'm hoping to finish this now, because tomorrow will be the start day of our class. And I'm sure I'll be busy, and I'm afraid that maybe I can't always update my blog. And now, I'll be out for a hour. I'll go to church and attend mass. :)

Happy Sunday to all!

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Friday, June 4, 2010


As you can see, my blog is totally up mess. Still working on it, I have a hard time making some changes here. Almost sleepless just to finish my work. Maybe by next week, my blog would be nicer. Still fixing the layout I made.


Watching Wrong Turn. This movie really scare me. I don't want to watch all the parts of the movie. It's so very harsh.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Naah. I want to share my thoughts now, hmm. Back on my internet business. Now that we have internet again, I'll made some changes here. Oryt? So if you see that my blog is messy, for sure I'm making some changes out here. Just for a new look. I almost finish the skin that I made, Yes!

PS : I'll sleep at 1am. :( I must!

365 Days IN LOVE

A very late post. I'm gonna share what happened in our first anniversary.

May 31, 2010. So yea! We've been in-love for 365 days, and we made it here till the end that we didn't break-up even once.

But in that day, we were both busy in our enrollment. I bought something that he would really like, well, its my first time giving gift on my special love one. I bought a couple shirt that costs 599php, its almost 600php. Its a set already, I love the printing of that shirt, so I bought it right away. And I don't care if I spend my money just for a shirt.

Here's the shirt I bought for the two of us.

Because were not able to celebrate our anniversary on May 31, 2010. We decided to celebrated it yesterday. We were both in our school to finish our enrollment, and when we already accomplished our transactions, we went to town and ate in Jollibee, he had no choice but to follow me, that time I was really hungry. HAHA. After eating, we went to the grocery to buy ice cream, and went again to another mall to buy a pizza. Then, immediately went home because its already getting dark.

We ate the ice cream together in our house, and oh! The Pizza? Its for my family. Ü