Sunday, November 7, 2010


Oh my! I'm so tired washing my clothes, my back aches so much! It's really a burden to me. But it's okay, doing this things are not a work but it's my obligation. Right people? Oryt. I don't have any idea on how would I manage my new blog for this coming year 2011. New blog, another new journey. YEAH! Uhmm. What's new? Regular classes started last week, and I've been absent for how many days because I was sick, I had a fever. Urggh. I have a new school shoes, and I like it so much, my Mom and I bought my shoes for only 140 Pesos, it's a leather shoes and has 2inches heels. HAHA? Cheap ba? Well you know, I bought it in public market, as in public market. We call it Magay here, a market that was known as "China's Little Market" here in Zamboanga City, I had fun shopping in Magay, bags, clothes, shoes, rubber shoes, pants, fashioned sandals, only for cheap price, but it's has good quality. I promised you that! In this way, I can save my money and not spend too much!

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