Friday, May 21, 2010


I was too busy this week.

May 18, 2010. We celebrated the fiesta of our chapel, Mystical Rose. That day was too tiring for me, day before the fiesta, May 17, 2010. After I went home, my mom command me to go town to buy some ingredients for our desert. Okay, so I'm with my hubby. Syempre dapat kasama sya* I was with him until 10pm. With his friends, we watched the competition happened in our celebration as one society.

So, when I got home. I already made the desert, it takes 6hours for me to finish the desert. Yes, I'm still awake at 4am. Just to finish that desert.

I woke up around 9am, and immediately went to bath.

MAY 18, 2010.
Its also the day for our performance project, even though that I didn't went to our practice, we still gain the perfect score. After our 1st subject, we have a quiz and I didn't study. Just because I was to busy in the celebration. *TAGA HUGAS NAKO NG PLATO PAG-UWI KO*

So much tired, but carry parin ng beauty ko.

Friday, May 14, 2010

PBB Teen Clash Uber

I was watching this show awhile ago, I was not able to update all the things happening inside the house. But it doesn't matter at all. I just don't watch this every time because I hate that girl named Tricia. I don't want to see her on screen. It irritates my eye every time I see her. I really don't like her attitude, you know?! She's just a 14 year old girl, can you believe that? She really looks matured, maybe she ate hogmash. HAHA. *kidding* SERIOUSLY. She looks older than me. HAHAHA

Tricia Pictures, Images and Photos

Totally a flirt!

.. and tomorrow will be a very very busy day!
Tomorrow's practice with my classmates.

Take care bloggers. :DD

Thursday, May 13, 2010

what's with Tumblr

I don't know what's with Tumblr that people was addicted to it. I also made an account their to try that kind of blog site. My account in Tumblr is inactive. I find my self having a hard time on customizing my Tumblr Profile. It's just, I don't really like the style of Tumblr, but I'm trying to customize it now, hmm. Can somebody help me? Where can I get some Tumblr skins or layouts? I want to re-open my Tumblr account.

Anyways, I was reading a novel. I forgot the title but its all about dead scenes, salvages, and murders. scary uh!

That's all for today's happenings, till next post. I'll be editing a little stuffs here soon, and also in my Tumblr account. Take care bloggers!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



What about my plans? Hmm. I was planning to make my own layout. LAST MONTH pa talaga. And now I have many ideas on how to beautify my blogspot and the style of my own layout. From the title is self, RAWR. I wanna make a blog skin that's related about my blog title. As in, totally addicted to it. RAAAWRR* haha. Well, still waiting for my mom to pay our bills. Maybe by this week. *hoping* kasi naman, inuna pa TUITION ko, kesa sa internet. TAMA lang din yun, diba I'll make my layout on Adobe Photoshop. Im not totally expert on editing but I have some knowledge about it. I edit my pictures their.

This morning, Mom and I are discussing about my graduation *excited
I will graduate at the age of 19. Still young uh?! She told me, I must take my MASTERAL COURSE. Then I disagreed, because I want to work, I want to earn my own money. *demanding* But she said I must take it, just because if you take masteral course, you will be hired immediately from your job. So, I dont have any choice but to agree of what she said.



Okay, sobrang busy sa school at wala ng masyadong time para mag internet. Di bale na lang, HAHA. Okay lang namang di ako makapag-net ng matagal. :DD Malapit na kasi ang final exam Kelangan ko talagang mag study ng mabuti para di ako bumagsak.

Anyways, malapit na yung day na pinakahinihintay ko, May 31. Sa wakas, mag 1 year na kami. ÜÜ at tuwang tuwa ako, dahil for the second time aabot na naman ako ng relationship na years ang tatagal. At second time ko na ding magseryoso sa isang relationship. :) Baliw na kung baliw, wala ako pake. As long as we enjoyed each others company.

That's all for now.


Okay, naisipan kong idelete yung new blog ko, nasasayangan kasi akong iclosed tong una kong blog. Kaya, pinalitan ko na lang ng URL. Nag-iisip pa ko ng bagong domain name. Akala ko pag dinelete ko yung new blog ko magagamit ko yung URL na yun. Hindi pala. Kaya nahihirapan ako mag isip ng new domain na pareho parin don. Closed na muna tagboard ko. :D

Hanggang dito na lang.
Saka nako mag aayos. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Happy Mothers Day to all moms out their

Thanks for being a good mom to us. I do my mom. Thanks for a friend, a sister, a teacher to us. Thanks for being at my side when I am totally down. Even if I disappoint at many times. Your still their supporting me. I Love You MOM! Your the very best MOM that I have!

I hope she read this.
Till next time. OFFLINE~


Good to be back, hmm. New again? Yeah. And still making some changes here. Our Internet Connection was disconnected 2weeks ago, until now. :( And still waiting for my mom to pay our bill. >< I spend too much on internet cafe just to update my blogger. And I'm minimizing on putting load on my cellphone. Saving my money for internet! Whoa! But its okay, I'm still waiting. So, until here. And see you around next time.