Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey! I want you to meet Kristal!

Hey! I'm Kristal, also know as Krish in the cyberworld. I'm 16, and a 2ndyear College student, taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Existing in a world that full of mysteries.

She loves eating, non-stop eating! She weighs 39pounds. Her waist line is 25, and never changes. :D She wanted to be a SOLDIER, like her loving father. She also wanted to be a teacher. She loves dancing, she's excellent on it. She don't know how to sing, but she's trying her best to sing well. She don't know how to swim, but she's trying to do it. :)) She loves music, like everybody else. She loves dramatic shows, she loves watching movies. She love vegies! SHE LOVES GREEN. :) She love Taylor Swift. ♥ She loves SPIDER MAN. :) She's afraid of being abandon, but not to be hurt by someone. That's how she love a person. She knows how to cook, she knows how to play online games. She loves camera. She loves her self! TOTALLY LOVE HER SELF! And above all this, she loves the one who creates her, and gives life to her. Its God, where she knows that happiness is forever eternally. She love her FAMILY. She love her friends. Ü

She hates backstabbers. She hates plastic people. She hates snakes and worms. She hates copycats! She hates stupid chain messages. She hates FLIRTS! She hates irresponsible people. She hate liars. She hates people making decisions for her. She hates people who forced her to the things she don't want to do. She hates doubled-faces. She hates nightmares. She hates the feeling of being alone.

I treasure friends, I give my full trust. But if you will back-stab me, better be careful. If you don't know me yet. :P
I FORGIVE AND FORGET. I don't want that someone would hate me, or I will hate for the rest of my life.
If you want to ask more about me, don't hesitate to ask. → CLICK me. Anonymous is allowed. :D


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No classes again.

Hey! I didn't cheat. I made a real excuse letter and didn't forged my mother's signature. My conscience is telling me not to do it because its bad, I really don't forged signatures. I'm afraid to be caught and be suspended by the school administration.

I went home early today, because we don't have classes.
Usually, we uses the laboratory as our class rooms. There are 3 Labs, but we only uses Lab A, and Lab B. Okay, some of my subjects that I'm taking up, the rooms we use are the Laboratory rooms. Because of straight functions that are happening in our school as of now, definitely we don't have any classrooms, and definitely we don't have any classes. Many students are really affected, from 1styear to 4thyear. I'm so pissed off because the teacher must do something in order to continue our class rather than doing nothing in school, they must find some way to still continue our classes. I'm just wasting my time, money, uniform in going to school and doing NOTHING! I don't want to waste money!


Hey! I have new affies, namely Yunnihae & Janice. I'm happy that they accepted my invitation as one of their affies. A lot of thanks for being kind to me!

I already bought my SWIM SUIT. The style of my swim suit is cute. I will take a pic of it and share it to you. Maybe on Saturday.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


There's so many things on my mind, I have so many problems now and I dunno how would I solve this heavy problems of mine. The first thing is, how could I find money to pay for our ticket. Our function is fast approaching, and I have two (2) tickets here that cost 250pesos each. The other ticket, I sell it to my bf, and I'm kinda shy, telling him to buy my ticket. The other one is for my mother. MONEY IS HARD TO FIND TODAY! Second is, I still don't have money to buy a swim suit, on Friday we will start our swimming class. Third is, I need 1000pesos for our immersion on July 30, 2010. I need to spend my savings on my piggy bank just to add for my expenses, no money left for me. I feel like I have the world at my back.

Exams are over, and I hopped I pass all my subjects, especially the major ones. The exam was good but not that better. I just don't know what will happen if I fail one of my subjects. My scholarship would gone if that would happen. I'm so afraid. Its really a pressure to my position to maintain all my grades as it is, no lower than 80. Especially in major subjects. I feel I would be sick!

I hate this day. REALLY! I wake up late, and obviously I went to school late. BADLY! I didn't pass my journal notebook to our professor. And for this, I must have an excuse slip signed by my parent and by our Prefect of Discipline. My mom would be angry if I will tell her. The only thing I can do is to make a fake excuse letter and forged my mother's signature. I know its bad, but I don't want that my mom would scold me because I'm late. I know God would understand me, and I know its my fault. And another is that, we don't have class the whole day! You know what, I just waste my time and money going to school for NOTHING! What a hell!

Enough for that, as I went home today I saw a couple quarreling in the road, the girl tried to let go of the guy's hand, as she walked fast the guy followed her, and the girl shouted, the boy slap her face! THAT GUY IS SUCH A STUPID! I hate him for slapping the girl in front of many people. My boyfriend is not like that. TSK!

I'm so hungry while posting this. Till here.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh, yeah! I'm too busy

Did you notice that my last post was almost a week? So it means, I wasn't able to open my blog for a week already, and not updating it for a week! My gosh. I was really busy this week. Today is still our Preliminary Examinations, and this day is the second day of our examinations. And yeah, the exams are totally NOSE BLEEDING! There was this teacher who is really strict, I dunno why was she's so strict, she's our proctor in math. She maybe don't have husband, HAHA. Just kidding! Speaking of MATH! I answered all the questions except the very last problem solving, its because of that strict teacher! I almost finish the exam but time is up. Can't continue to answer the question or else she wouldn't accept my paper. SO BADDD~ urggh. And there this another subject that made my nose bleed! COSTING! My computation was unbalanced. Why is that? I always hate math, I'm having a hard time to solve just for a problem. My gahd! HEEEELP! I can do this! Pray for me.

Hey! I updated my song. Did you like it? I love this song so much. Would you mind adding me on your Plurk or just follow me? Here's my link CLICK ME! A lot of thanks!

Oh~ till here. I'm out. I'll study now.
TAKECARE my dear affies. :D

NEXT .. I'll gonna share what happened in our Trial and Error.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


WARNING This would be a long post. And I'm sorry for my wrong grammars, I'm not fluent in English.

I wasn't able to blog what happen yesterday, its because of the stupid blackouts. I so hate the supplier of our current here. Every 30 mins or 1hour the current is on and off. And this stupid current really pisses me off. This would really damage our computer and also our appliances.

Back to the topic, my class started as early as 7:30am. And yes, I always come late to school even though I have a one class that starts in 10:30am. Enough for that, I'm getting lost to my topic. Okay, yesterday, my first class was about RELIGIOUS STUDY, oh! Btw, the school I'm attending is handled by Sisters, or in general called Nun.

Okay, my professor talks his blahs and blahs. The discussion was about "Our Father". He showed as a film that really makes me cry, I was so touched of the film my professor showed us, especially to the girl, the title was "Daughter and Father" its not actually a film made here, its outside of our country. So, there's this little girl loved by her father so much, when she was born her father promise her to care of her as she grows up. As time goes by she became a teen. And for a little mistake she made, she got pregnant. Her mother beg his husband to take it easy to her daughter. When the daughter begs for forgiveness, her father slap her, and in the second time she beg for forgiveness, her father hugged him so tight and said "I love you", ..."and I love your baby too". This line made me cried a lot, and my sit mates was laughing at me, because I was so emotional. Why? This really affects me, I grew up with out a father, standing behind me and watch over me.

Every time I think of the film we watched, my eyes is becoming blur. Coz my tears want to fall. HAHA.


As I went home, the clouds are getting dark, and the air blows so hard, and I feel that I would fly away because of the air, I'm afraid that this would happen. I'm so under-weight. I let my friends to go home before me, because I want them to be safe. Okay, I'm so stupid, I forgot to bring my umbrella. Why is that? Every time I bring my umbrella, there's no rain, and when I don't bring it, there's a rain. Stupid weather! HAHAHA.

That time, I can't receive any messages. Its because of the stupid weather eh! And because of this, me and my husband can't contact with each other. I texted him 1hr before my class ends, but I didn't receive any messages. I waited outside the campus for 30mins, until the rain falls and I was really wet. So, I decided to go inside the campus. Innocently, I didn't expect that my hubby was waiting outside, and he was like already bathing in the rain. He was so wet. That time, I already receive his messages, and explained it to him that I can't receive any message, he was so mad at me at the point that he was already shouting. Its the fault of the stupid weather. But its okay, he ask for forgiveness, and I also ask him for forgiveness.

So, this would the end of my story. Till next time I blog again. Thanks for those who still read and visit my blog. I love you!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

5 Things.

5 things a girl don't notice.

1) Guys may be flirting around all day, but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.

2) Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they aren't with you.

3) Guys go crazy over a girl's smile ( :

4) A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to.

5) Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?..uh...never mind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong and he'll obsess about it trying to figure it out.

Based on my love experience, *ching! This things are really true. For girls out there, don't make the one you love suffer. Let him feel that you really love him and care for him.



Saturday, July 3, 2010

10 Commandments

[ ILOVEYOU in dinosaur! ]

May 31, 2009 is our Official Date
Caresson & Kristal

-- our very own 10 Commandments:

• Never say DIE.
• The partner should know whats his/her appointments for the day.
• The partner shouldn't keep the other waiting.
• Always ask permission before doing anything.
• Dont tell a lie.
• Dont cheat.
• Shouldn't smoke/drink.
• Always keep communication open.
• Our love shouldn't fade.
• For every mistake say SORRY.



Friday, July 2, 2010

Burn's Debut

My classmate turns 18 yesterday. The debut was held in Astoria Celebrity Hall. I was with my friends and classmates, we wore semi-formal ware. I really enjoyed the party. After the blowing of her 18 candles, we eat and after that we already take a lot pictures! The debutant is really beautiful in her gown, she's now a real lady. I'm also starting to be excited on my debut next year. :D

My tooth aches. :(