Saturday, August 28, 2010


Two rainbow was spotted at exactly 6:00 dusk.

( Click for upclose picture )

Just look the rainbow, its so cute. I just love rainbows.


Friday, August 27, 2010


I never thought that I know how to take some photos that can be use as photography. Because of the influences on Tumblr, it eagers me to take pictures. I tried to snap some shots here in the premises of our house. And because of my creativeness. For me, I made it well. Oh gosh. How I wish I have my own DSLR Nikon/Canon. That professional camera. I want one.

Okay, sharing my mindless thoughts.
Here's a photo. Leave comment please. :D

Click for upclose picture.

To my fellow bloggers, I'm sorry if I'm not visiting you now, I'm just busy. And making my own lay-out for almost a week. Still fixing leh~ But don't you worry guys, I won't let my blog be on hiatus. :)

Till next post. Gotta go now.
Still have exams tomorrow, and a lot of appointments to do.



Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hmm, where should I start? Uhm. Okay, tomorrow will be the second day of our exam. Midterm Exam to be specific. I never thought that our exam in math yesterday was like a quiz to me. @@ HAHA. I don't know. I just don't find our exam hard. I thought it was nose-bleeding. But hell ya. I was totally laughing because I just finish the exam for 25mins only. Its my first time y'know. But to be sure with my answer, I reviewed it for 2times.

Okay. Next is, about the tragedy in Manila. I'm so sad that almost all people in China calls Philippines a dangerous place. Just because of one person, that made the Philippines look bad. I just can't blame them, maybe if I were also in the situation. I think we will have the same impression. But people, you really don't know what's behind the story why did Mr. Rolando Mendoza made that. After I watch about his story on the news, I realize that its the fault of the government of the Philippines. Because of their stupid government. Who would not be like him if you don't have job for almost 9months. He was removed in his job for no reason. Urggh. I just don't like that people would actually call us bad and dangerous. So sad! I just prayed for the victims. Poor people.

I love my new lay-out now. Its just simple. Simple as me.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy 43rd Birthday Dad!

Today, we are celebrating our father's 43rd birthday, and also with my youngest brother. As for now, my mom is cooking. We will go to my Dad's memorial and eat our dinner together with my family. I miss my dad so much, how I wish I could see him, even in my dream. Just for once. :\

I miss all things about him, the way he hugged me when my mom would scold me, the way he kiss me on my nose, and a lot of more. I always cry everytime I think of our memories. Those wonderful memories that makes me inspired. :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

magulong mundo. @@

Hay! Nakakapagod tong araw na to. Naging CRYING LADY pa ako sa school. ANO MAN DAW YON? Kadramahan effect. Sino ba namang di maiiyak kung ibabagsak ka lang ng teacher mo dahil sa pagkakamali ng iba! Lahat na ng efforts, energy and power nabuhos ko na matapos lang lahat ng huhugasang mga utensils! My god, sira beauty ko. HAHA. Jk! ─ PACK-ONE-PACK-ALL! Ganito samin. Bumuhos ang luha ko na parang baha kanina, syempre nung nalaman pa namin sa ibang section na ganun na pala sitwasyon namin, di man lang muna kami kinausap. Nakakahiya kaya yun sa ibang section. Mas lalo pakong umiyak nung naisip ko nanay ko. Scholarship na lang ang nagpapa-aral sakin, wala na akong tatay, hirap pa kami ngayon, ano na lang mangyari sa buhay ko pag nabagsak pako dahil lang sa kamalian ng iba! Ohaa. Sino bang di magluluksa nyan! XD HAHA. Pero okay na, okay na talaga kasi nagbago na yung isip ni ma'am. Tuloy parin ang exam at last function namin.

Di talaga natutulog si God. Di nya ako pinapayaan. Tested na talaga ang faith ko. ^^


Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey. For the 3rd time, I made a new Tumblr again. HAHA. I'm so crazy! Delete-make-delete. Ohh. I wish that my Tumblr would not be inactive and so I would not end up deleting it again. :)

Here's the link. Follow. Like. & Reblog.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

WALA akong maisip na title. :))

Okay, since malapit na ang Buwan ng Wika. Magtatagalog na muna ako to celebrate Buwan ng Wika.

Two days rest after ng function. Grabe, nakakapagod na enjoy. At napakalaking miracle ang nangyari nung function. Maayos ang flow ng kitchen as well as in the function hall. Nakakapagod mag wash ng plates, utensils, glasses, spoon & forks, at kung anu-ano pa. Maganda na sana yun, bigla lang nagalit si Ma'am Des. Yung ibang wait staff kasi di pumasok ng kitchen para mag help na tapusin yung natitirang huhugasan na mga utensils. Ayun, uminit na naman ulo ni Ma'am. Pinauwi kaming lahat. Anyways, sana maging okay na lahat. :\

And about my last post, okay na kami. Nag SORRY kami sakanila and explain all, and what's our reason why did we did such thing like that. Accepted naman nung isa, kaso si g2 di kami agad pinansin. NAGTARAY parin pero katagalan, naging okay na din. Di na pinairal ang pride. Hanggang sa, tumawa nalang kami ng tumawa sa nagyari.

Naglalaro na pala ulit ako ng Friends For Sale, at Pet Society. Nabobored na kasi ako. Maliban dito, naglalaro din ako ng Online Game. BabyRan. Nilalaro to ng mga brothers ko kaya naglalaro din ako. Syempre, di pahuhuli ang ate. HAHA. Ganyan lang naman ako ka-close sa mga kapatid ko. Ü


Sa uulitin.
/!\ Magre-reply nako sa mga tags nyo. ^^

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I don't think so. Maybe for others they have REAL FRIENDS. But me? I don't know.
Ganyan naman talaga mga tao e. LALAPIT LANG SAYO PAG MAY KAILANGAN.

I went to school as early as I can, may Lab Activity kasi kami. Were supposed to cook muffins today pero di natuloy kasi the kitchen was using by the other level. May function kasi today.

How do you define REAL FRIENDS? Me, I'll know if my friend is real to me kung may tampo man sya sakin o galit sya sakin haharapin nya ako, sasapakin, at sasabihan ng gago. Hindi yung di kapapansinin tapos magsasalita ng kung anu-ano pag nakatalikod kana.

This happen always. I was really wrong when I give my full trust to them. NAGKAMALI ako.
I have this so-called-friends of mine. Si g1 at g2. 5 kasi kami magkakasama, yung dalawa naming kasama di pumunta ng school, syempre friend talaga ang turing namin sakanila, nagtxt kami na pumunta na ng school, tinakot namin sila in a sense of kelangan nilang magmadali kasi anytime, our teacher would arrive and check our attendance. Hindi namin alam na pumunta na pala sila ng kitchen. Nakita namin silang dalawa na masama ang tingin towards us. Hindi nila kami nilapitan. And because of that until now, were not having accompanied with them. Dahil sila naman ang naunang umiwas. We just wanted na di sila mag absent, hindi naman namin sinasadya na ma-offend sila. In fact always nga nila ako iniiwan everytime na lalabas na kami ng room. Kung baga parang hangin lang ako di nakikita pero nakikiramdam lang. Di nga ako nagrereklamo kung paminsan niloloko nila ako. Why? Because I know I'm matured enough to act like that. I'm not a kid anymore. Hindi katulad ng ginawa nila na hindi kami kinausap, dinedma, at nagsasalita ng patalikod samin.

Kaya, me and Lorraine decided not to be with them anymore. Kasi evertime na lang din kami naiiwan, at nao-OP. Lalapit lang sayo pag may kailangan sila.

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Monday, August 16, 2010


I love my Grandmother. :(

Guys, I wanna share something that will really made you realize and cry.
As I watch this video. Tears suddenly fall down on my eyes. I was so sad when I saw this video. I'm still lucky, I still have my Grandma.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

blahs all around.

Don't mind with the title. :P

Anyways, em almost done people. A little more stuffs and em totally done. I'm still fixing my banner. Urggh. I'm too busy, there's a lot of things to do in school. And this blog is getting too inactive. TT So badd. I'll make a list of things I can discuss here so that I can update my blog everyday. And hey, em playing BabyRan. Its an online game. I'll show some pictures of my cute character. :)

Okay, bye for now. I gotta go. I'm going to school again.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SHORT post.

I'm not in the mood. I forgot to save my layout before. The pink one that I'm using. :( I forgot to save it in my notepad. And all the credits was their. Oh no!! :\

Monday, August 2, 2010


My blog is on HIATUS for now. Sorry for not being active. I'm just busy. And I'll make changes here.